Product Adoption for Sterilization Validation

Posted by Jill Warren, Technical Specialist on October 16, 2018

When your product has had a material change, a component added, or a new size developed, does this necessarily mean you must complete the sterilization validation of each?

There is another option:  product adoption.

WuXi AppTec Technical Experts answer common questions about product adoption when completing a sterilization validation.  The question to be answered is - whether or not to validate independently or adopt into a family?

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Topics: Medical Device, Technical Expertise, Bioburden, Regulatory Expertise, Sterilization Validation

Helping Manufacturers Understand Product Bioburden Before Dose Setting

Posted by Jill Warren, Technical Specialist on July 16, 2018

To determine the best-suited dose-setting method, we first help manufacturers better understand product bioburden by employing the most effective testing methods and techniques.

We are equipped to support a broad range of products—from simple to complex, including complicated situations.

An advantage of partnering with WuXi AppTec is that we stay up-to-date on industry changes, and work with you to find the process that best fits your product needs.

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Topics: Medical Device, Regulatory, Technical Expertise, Microbiology, ISO 11737-1, Bioburden, Radiation Sterilization Validation