WuXi AppTec Joins Industry Leaders on Extractables & Leachables at E&L USA

WuXi AppTec returns to E&L USA this May in Bethesda, MD.

This conference joins thought leaders in the field of analytical chemistry, Extractables and Leachables subject matter experts, to share advances in the field and pain points in the industry. 

E&L USA Conference 2018

Stop by Booth 24 to meet our Director of Analytical Chemistry, Sandi Schaible and our Director of Regulatory and Toxicology, Mark Cabonce.

Learn how our chemists and toxicologists work closely to provide meaningful preclinical safety data that meets regulatory expectations. 

Understanding the chemical constituents in your product, delivery system, container or disposable manufacturing components is important to understand and leverage to support safety. Our extractables / leachables program was designed with toxicological safety assessment in mind. And, you can’t do that with a chemistry report full of unknowns.

Our team of experts have conducted over 4500 extractables leachables studies providing our customers with complete identification, and have experience with ISO, BPOG, ICH and other guidelines. We offer customized studies designs available to meet your needs. 

Learn More about WuXi AppTec

Contact us at info@wuxiapptec.com to discuss how extractables and leachables studies may be a solution for your next project with our technical experts.